About me

The musician and music teacher Vural Güler was born in Ankara in 1971. Between 1986 and 1990, he received instruction in music theory from Lütfü Atan, the director of the municipal choir of Altındağ, and over the next four years, he participated in the most renowned choirs, folk dance ensembles and theatres in Ankara and Altındağ. Between 1990 and 1992, he received musical instruction in choir music and techniques of baglama from Ihsan Öztürk, one of the acknowledged masters of this instrument in Turkey. His subsequent studies at the Technical University of Istanbul allowed Vural Güler to transfer to the Faculty of Music at the Goethe University in Frankfurt (Main). In 1997, he founded the Harmony Music School in Frankfurt.

For more than 20 years, Vural Güler performed and taught all varieties of  bağlama, tar and ud. Furthermore, he performs regularly at intercultural music and song recitals, concerts and festivals in Germany, Turkey and a number of other European countries, including over 10 years joint events with world renowned artists Hasan Yükselir. Important concerts on his artistic development path were performed at the Alte Oper and the International Theatre in Frankfurt, in the course of the Ethno-Dance Night in Wiesbaden, at the Commerzbank European Forum, the Cultural Summer Festival in Hanau, the Leather Museum in Offenbach as well as regular appearances at the Culture Parade and the Intercultural Stage of the annual Main River Festival in Frankfurt.

Since 2001, Vural Güler is an active musical participant in Su Arts’ team of artists and, besides Hasan Yükselir, constitutes one of the driving forces supporting the artistic development of the Türkü as a supraregional musical idiom within the European world- and art music scene in the context of the project „Türkü Without Borders“.

He is the director of two musical ensembles, the band „Grup Otantik“, which specializes in Anatolian rock music, and „Anatolian Quartet“, which devotes itself to more traditional forms of folk music.

In his performances, Vural Güler renders traditional Anatolian folksongs in an elegant and modern idom and interprets them with a team of national and international artists. Rhythms and instruments are combined in new and innovative ways and complement in an harmonious way his gentle and resonant voice.

In his concerts, Vural Güler employs both modern and traditional Turkish instruments. He is proficient in all the techniques of the baglama, the Turkish long neck lute, as well as of the Iranian and Azeri tar, which bear a broad resemblance to the Spanish guitar. His songs and performances ever reflect his sensitive, melancholic and forever hopeful character.