The album Üryan consists of twelve folk songs, including an instrumental piece. These folk tunes originate from different regions of Anatolia and count among the most beautiful songs of the last thousand years and were arranged by Hasan Yükselir.

All recordings are acoustic and were realized with the entire Bağlama family of instruments, as well as with percussion, Kavval, Duduk, Kabak Kemane, Bendir and Neck Drum. This album benefited from the contribution of recognized virtuosos, including the soloist Vural Güler, as well as Erdem Simsek and Ahmet Gökhan Coşkun on the Bağlama, Ertan Tekin on the Duduk and Zurna, Mustafa Eke on the Kavval, Mustafa Göçer, on the percussion, Uğur Önür on the Kabak Kemane and Abdurrahman Tarikçi on the Bass Guitar.

The album Üryan will be very well received by music lovers. To buy the album…

Production HDF YAPIM